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Top 5 Workplace Safety Companies in Australia - 2022

The crucial demand for workplace safety solutions is needed in industries such as construction and engineering, energy and utilities, chemicals and materials, government and defense, and healthcare. It comes as no surprise that the global workplace safety market is valued at USD 14.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5 percent annually until 2027 and is expected to reach USD 26.7 billion. Strict industrial health and safety regulations contribute to the industry’s growth.

Technology also plays a major role in the growth of workplace safety. Introducing new trends like intelligent clothing, smart safety, and autonomous vehicles contributes to market growth. For example, integrating big data in safety tools for risk management also contributes to the market’s growth. Market growth is also driven by industries that have adopted real-time location monitoring systems (RTLMS), monitoring and surveillance solutions to defend their assets, and environmental health and safety system (EHS).

Accordingly, players in the workplace safety market are adopting growth strategies, both organic and inorganic, to drive their businesses by leveraging such solutions based on the aforementioned technology. Some of the strategies include new product launches and improving services the companies currently have. Organizations in the industry are constantly upgrading their products and solutions by utilizing advanced technologies to provide better working environments.

In this edition of Manage HR, the magazine focuses on the Top 10 Workplace Safety Service Companies in 2022 under APAC and the Top 5 Workplace Safety Companies in 2022 under Australia, educating on the companies at the front lines of innovation. André Kraide, Vice President, Head of Human Resources – Brazil, Bayer [ETR: BAYN], has shared their viewpoints on managing HR APAC on the various aspects of the industry. With its goal to eradicate workplace injuries in Australia, Pursuit of Zero offers its safety services and goes beyond compliance to care. Qualitas Health, a healthcare provider, strives to deliver accessible and quality healthcare across Malaysia.

Manage HR APAC also brings exclusive insights through our leadership articles, CIOs and CXOs, from Jennifer Farinha, Human Resources Director, The Chefs Warehouse, and Nicole Thunich, Senior Vice President and Chief Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality Officer, Centuri Group, discussing their ideas on current market trends practiced in the industry.

We hope this information on market trends and the viewpoint of thought leaders assist in making informed decisions for your company.

    Top Workplace Safety Companies in Australia

  • Pursuit of Zero provides a one-of-a-kind set of products and services for fostering a positive safety culture, and continuously assessing industrial safety processes, workplace safety audits, occupational safety training, and leadership coaching tools and techniques.

  • All Australian Safety

    All Australian Safety

    All Australian Safety specialises in entire eye protection with high-performance safety prescription eyewear and offering solutions with vision for all kinds of working settings and conditions. Their team of certified opticians has provided businesses in Australia and New Zealand with the best prescription safety eyewear through the retail optical sector

  • Found Consulting

    Found Consulting

    Found Consulting is an advice company for workplace solutions. Their multicultural team of consultants collaborates with businesses to develop and implement solutions in organisational design, human resources, workplace safety, and change leadership

  • Proactive Group Australia

    Proactive Group Australia

    A company with a client-centered emphasis, Proactive Group Australia is dedicated to helping owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Australia improve the workplace through systems, services, products, and continual stakeholder involvement. Coampny is of the opinion that workplaces ought to be secure, healthy, effective, and environmentally responsible

  • Risk Strategies

    Risk Strategies

    A team of knowledgeable workplace risk management consultants makes up risk plans. Every action they take is intended to support and safeguard business. Systems, processes, and procedures that protect the company and its directors, guarantee compliance, and eventually enable it to be more competitive are developed and put into place

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